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The Spanish government and the European Parliament were hugely supportive when Paco was facing the death how to start a rubber and plastics company penalty, but since Paco moved to Spain he has disappeared from undetectable text message spy their radar. We want to show them that the people of Spain, and the world, have not forgotten him, nor his innocence.

By sending these letters to the President and to a group of members of the European Parliament, you remind them of Paco’s terrible situation, and urge them to do all they can to right this terrible wrong.

1. Letter to the President of Spain

Please download this letter, either in how texting and driving is dangerous Spanish or English, print it out and sign it. Add a personal message if you wish, and post it to the address on the letter.

English VersionVersiòn española

2. Email to 16 members of the European Parliament in Brussels

These MEPs have been specifically chosen either for their declared interest in matters of justice, or because they took a personal interest in Paco’s situation before he moved to Spain. To email them all at once, just fill in your details below, add your name and country to the message text and click send.

Letter to 16 MEPs in Brussels

Dear Parliamentary Representative,

I write to you to beg you to take notice of the situation of Francisco Juan (Paco) Larrañaga, currently in detention in Centro Penitenciario de San Sebastian.

You may recall, your Urgency Resolution of 17th November 2005 regarding the death penalty and injustice in the Philippines, where, having reviewed Paco’s case, you requested that they consider abolishing the death penalty, and that they grant Paco an absolute pardon and release him immediately.

This resolution was hugely successful in that the Philippines did indeed abolish the death penalty, bringing hope to hundreds of individuals and their families.

But abolishing the death penalty does not abolish injustice, and Paco is living proof of this.

Despite the resolution calling for his immediate release, 6 years on he is still in prison, now under the care of the Spanish authorities in San Sebastian, having moved there in 2009 under a Prisoner Transfer Treaty.

You have a powerful voice. We urge you to use it again.

Please, press upon President Aquino of the Philippines to do what his predecessor failed to do: to correct a manifest injustice and grant Paco clemency so that Spain can release him. This innocent boy has suffered 14 years imprisonment. Even one more day is a day too many.

Please visit www.freepaconow/case-documents for background information on Paco’s case.

Free Paco Now!

Yours in hope and justice,


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Thank you!


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